field cleaning:
Peripheral cleaning services are covered in the park service items. Generally, it refers to outdoor public areas: park roads (driveways, footpaths, etc.), leisure chairs, signboards, billboards, milk boxes, letter boxes, litter products and their decorations, garbage cans, peel boxes, iron railings at access doors, fitness equipment, amusement facilities, squares, drainage ditches, green belts, surrounding water systems, terraces, street lamps, fire hydrants, shops
Yard cleaning
Not limited to this, there are demands and applications in more and broader environments, such as platforms, large parking lots, sports fields, scenic spots and parks, plant land, open-air markets, municipal roads, and other commercial or public areas.
Platform cleaning
Parking lot cleaning
Sportground cleaning
Our company has dispatched excellent teams, innovated management schemes, equipped with imported equipment, and customized operation schemes. Maintain the beautiful environment of the service area continuously and stably, and live up to the Commission and mission.
Lake cleaning
Snow removal in winter
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