Engineering Management——
Engineering Management
(1)Office Building, Room /Maintenance Services
  1. Set of repair hotline set up a 24-hour duty system maintenance Services, acceptance podium, office daily sporadic Repair Services.
  2. According to ISO9001: 2000 quality management standard "customer-focus attention" to formulate "Maintenance Services Commitment" and "Maintenance Services norms, standards" and enforced, within two working days of indoor maintenance projects, conducted a telephone return visit, continuous improvement of the quality of maintenance Services.

(2)Power Supply System Maintenance and Management
  1. To ensure power supply and distribution equipment, 24 hours normal operation.
  2. Emergency generator (if any) can start at any time, in the case of municipal power failure to ensure the generator running power in 15 seconds.
  3. Power factor up to 0.95.

(3)Water Supply and Drainage System Maintenance and Management
  1. To establish water, water management system and to implement, and actively help the user to be a fair use of water and implementing water-saving plan.
  2. To establish water supply and drainage equipment, repair and maintenance system, and strictly enforced, equipment and piping systems in good condition in case of burst pipes, equipment failures, etc., maintenance staff and timely repair to the scene.
  3. Normal function of the water supply system, drainage system smooth.
  4. Limited water, running water and be able to notice the owners.
  5. Prescribed regular cleansing of building secondary water supply storage facilities; equipment and surrounding environment clean and tidy, there are closures; secondary water supply and sanitation permits, water quality testing orders, the operator complete the health certificate, without secondary pollution occur, to ensure that secondary water supply in line with drinking water standards.

(4)Fire Protection System Maintenance and Management
  1. Fire control center and fire system facilities and fully equipped, good condition, good standby, fire control system consists of security management staff 24 hours a day.
  2. Persons responsible for the implementation of the regional fire safety, duties firefighters to conduct regular exercises to carry out fire safety publicity and education of knowledge and regulations to ensure that the incidence of fire, "0."
  3. To develop contingency plans for unexpected fires, the establishment of the fire evacuation diagram, the access to emergency evacuation, lighting, signposting intact.
  4. No fire and other security risks.
  5. Fire-fighting equipment in good order 100%.

(5)Air Conditioning (Heat Pump) System Maintenance and Management
  1. Establish a standardized system for perfect air-conditioning system operation and maintenance of system and strictly enforced.
  2. Air-conditioning system security, normal working condition. Equipment and environment clean and tidy, no abnormal noise and water leakage phenomenon. Timely and accurate for the industry, provided to customers when the air conditioner to work overtime plus Services.
  3. Fave accurate information on the complete air-conditioning system files, the operating records and maintenance records and complete, and archiving.
  4. To develop practical energy-saving operating systems, there are significant energy saving results.

(6)Elevator System Maintenance and Management Requirements (this is owned by the property management, commercial treaty required)
  1. Elevator maintenance and repair by a professional team, elevator repair, maintenance staff are certificates, elevator and complete a variety of annual review documents.
  2. Tight safe operation and maintenance of rules and regulations have been implemented, a variety of maintenance and inspection records check a unified archiving management, information is complete.
  3. Elevator running in good condition, safe and effective facilities, car and room cleanliness, ventilation, lighting and other ancillary facilities intact.
  4. Operation after a fault occurs, maintenance personnel arrived at the scene within 15 minutes repair.

(7)Intelligent System Management
  1. Zero repair pass rate of 100%.
  2. Coordinated control of intelligent systems, equipment, work well to meet the building inside and outside the office automation requirements.
Parking Management——
Parking Management
  1. Improve the parking lot management system, with intelligent management system, and a full range of security monitoring system to ensure that uncontrolled blind spot.
  2. Do a variety of security identification and safety management to ensure traffic safety, such as the governor, turning convex mirror, limited high-card, card speed limits, road signs, signs, etc. areas. 
  3. Command vehicles, action norms, warm courtesy, Services and thoughtful. 
  4. A 24-hour duty patrolling the system, from time to time to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the car park to see whether the vehicle damage, oil spills, leaks and vehicle protection status is intact, whether there is suspicious persons, etc. stay in the yard. 
  5. Strictly enforce the parking management system, using a standard command to divert traffic control movement of vehicles, according to the provisions of parked vehicles, to prevent accidents from happening. 
  6. Good control of the car park entrances and exits to prevent unrelated persons into the car, not to prohibit stay. 
  7. When a traffic accident quickly protect and control the scene, police and rescue the wounded, to prevent traffic jams phenomenon. 
  8. Right to check the truck out of the box.
Environmental and Public Facilities Maintenance——
Environmental and Public Facilities Maintenance
Furui engineering equipment at the present for all of the above provide a complete, modern and customer-tailored project management solutions.
Lawn & Garden——
Garden Garden Garden
Dining Services——
We are responsible for the employee meals, we guarantee the daily meals, the taste, the rich nutrition and reasonable price. Skillful and Intimate canteen operation management experience to ensure that staff meals are delicious and everyone is satisfied.
Dining Services
Dining Services
Dining Services
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