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Shenyang Furuijinzhao Property Management Co., Ltd. is a private limited company in the property service industry. The unified social credit code is 91210124MA0P5M3229. It was established on November 2, 2009. The registered business scope of the company is "Property management services, building repair, cleaning services, housekeeping services, catering management, security engineering, parking lot management, labor export services", etc.
Shenyang Jinzhao Property™ is committed to providing professional property management services. The specific services include:
  1. Output and dispatch daily cleaners to carry out full-time cleaning and maintenance, or regular hourly work.
  2. Human resources integration services: Labor Personnel trusteeship, payroll, insurance agency, consultant training and other related services.
  3. Undertake canteen management and operation. A variety of entrustment and cooperation methods to meet the needs of employees for more hygienic, safe, delicious and delicious working meals.
  4. Output and dispatch security personnel. Provide fire monitoring, building security, guard watchman, vehicle management and other services.
  5. More services also include: various cleaning projects, facility maintenance, greening maintenance, cleaning material distribution.
Since its establishment, the company has developed cautiously and steadily. We always provide customers with satisfactory service and administrative affairs support; We are familiar with and competent for the needs of all kinds of customers. High standard service will undoubtedly provide experience guarantee for your entrustment.
All teams of the company cooperate closely, dispatch management and staff to organs, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, shopping malls, offices, factories and mines, parks and other industries, and win customer praise and trust with fast and accurate service response.
——First class service, we create
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