Building Cleaning Services
Service orientation: buildings and courtyard groups including institutions/enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, factories and mines, industrial parks, etc., individual cleaning services or comprehensive property management
Handing over the maintenance of building property and facilities assets to a professional property company is an important manifestation of the trust and recognition of the entrusting unit. A lot of human and material resources are invested in the property management process from beginning to end, sorting out the details in the complicated and trivial affairs, understanding and participating in the overall property intervention, acceptance, takeover, optimization, detailed registration and filing, so as to lay a solid management foundation for the future property management work.
1、 Intervention period
  1. Get familiar with the site graphics as soon as possible, understand the concealed works, pipeline embedment, pipeline direction and the reserved positions of various pipeline manholes, and make detailed records; At the same time, according to the on-site situation, the personnel are assigned posts and work assignments;
  2. Understand the building conditions, the shape and location of water and electricity switches and decorative materials in public parts, the reserved interfaces for greening water and environmental cleaning water, fire water drainage interfaces, etc;
  3. Negotiate with the entrusting party on the possible hidden dangers of property management quality or problems affecting the use and management in the future to coordinate and improve;
  4. Timely negotiate with the entrusting party to solve the problems that affect the function of the building, endanger the safety of the equipment and the owner, and seriously affect the future management and operation, so as to avoid future problems as far as possible; If it cannot be solved at the moment, the rectification report shall be listed and submitted to the entrusting party for filing.
2、 Facility and equipment commissioning
During the commissioning period of facilities and equipment, in addition to professional training, work together with the engineering and technical personnel of the project management organization to carry out the following work:
  1. Understand the model and characteristics of the equipment, and check the installation status of the on-site facilities and equipment, including the waterproof of the elevator shaft, the quality monitoring of the operation process, the embedding of various pipelines, etc;
  2. Attend relevant engineering meetings, participate in the testing and inspection of electromechanical equipment, and establish commissioning archives;
  3. Find out the possible hidden dangers or problems that hinder the daily maintenance in the future in a timely manner, list the missing projects, put forward corresponding rectification opinions from the perspective of property management profession, and notify the client in a timely manner;
  4. Participate in the commissioning and operation of equipment, master the performance, structure, parameters, working environment conditions and operation essentials of facilities and equipment, and make detailed records. According to the actual situation, prepare the future operation and maintenance procedures of facilities and equipment and various operation instructions.
3. On-site planning
  1. Familiarize yourself with the site type and regional distribution as soon as possible, understand the scale, characteristics, and location of various areas and make detailed records.
  2. Formulate work plans, rationally allocate human resources and resources according to the characteristics of the site; specially allocate skilled manpower or reasonably arrange work processes and special management plans for difficult points.
  3. Observe the characteristics of on-site people flow, optimize property facilities or material storage points, and serve the expectations of improving labor productivity. For example, rationally arrange the garbage collection and delivery points; designate the storage and rest points of materials and tools near the workplace and the rest points for employees that can be put into work most quickly or on-call.
  4. Regular visits, feedback rationalization suggestions, in order to promote the management thinking in a targeted manner.
  5. Based on the previous project intervention and management experience, we will negotiate with the entrusting party for possible quality hidden dangers or problems affecting work operation and management in the future, and carry out preliminary coordination and improvement.
  6. For problems that affect the operation or cannot be improved in a short period of time, negotiate with the entrusting party to solve them together in a timely manner, or list a rectification report and submit it to the entrusting party for discussion.
  7. The operation group draws up, summarizes the operation guidance, and puts it into practice.
4. Personnel preparation and training
  1. The company's human resources recruitment supervisor actively searches and collects on-site human resources nearby; maximizes human resources support reserves and supplements.
  2. With the goal of manpower recruitment that is higher than the staffing, from quantity collection to quality selection, the best is selected, which is the guarantee for the realization of daily management in the later stage and the compliance of hygiene quality.
  3. Pre-job and on-the-job training for cleaning staff as scheduled.
  4. The first is professional ethics, discipline and etiquette training, and the second is professional skills training and assessment. The initial training should be completed within one week after the intervention; and the training or learning should always run through the service process.
  5. The perfect training mechanism and system will run through the service from beginning to end. Systematic professional skills training and professional quality training is a strong guarantee for improving work efficiency and service standards, and is the basis for orderly daily management. . . .
5. Support
  1. Supply and scheduling of various materials, equipment and tools.
  2. Staff clothing, work card statistics, customization and distribution.
  3. Creation, classification and management of all personnel files.
  4. Solicit rationalization suggestions from all parties.
  5. Make necessary instructions, public signs, etc.
6. Establish a regular interview system with the industry
  1. After our company took over the property, considering that property management should provide all-round services, it is necessary to establish a property communication and feedback method and related systems, often listen to the opinions of the industry, and improve our various property management work in a timely manner.
  2. We are willing to closely follow the owner's ideas and standards, and work meticulously for the overall environment of the owner's unit; create classic quality with detailed services. Realize the preservation, appreciation and excess value of property assets.
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